“Wiley” Gaddafi

I almost spat out my coffee this morning listening online to The World Today on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National with Eleanor Hall. Talking with Hall, Robert Baer a former CIA analyst suggested it was difficult to know if rumours of Gaddafi seeking an exit strategy to leave Libya were true  because he is a “Wiley Bedouin.” Whatever else this conjures up for me the first image was the hapless Wile E. Coyote of Warner Bros animation fame. Some of the impact of that cartoon was viewers’ desire to see the coyote catch and devour the roadrunner. Associating Gaddafi with the coyote just does not work. But maybe I am in a minority hearing the phrase in that fashion. Nonetheless Baer was certainly painting a picture with broad strokes with the phrase “Wiley Bedouin.”


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