Festival of Mum

On Saturday September 29 we farewelled my mother in Sydney at Camp Cove, where my father proposed to her, and then later at the Watsons Bay Hotel. The previous day my sister, brother-in-law, and I put the bulk of her ashes with my father’s. It was a poignant moment for Sandy and I since it was the first time we had ever been to my father’s resting place. As Sandy said it was mum’s first time too. Indeed the first funeral my mum went to was her own.

Woronora Cemetry

Saturday was a gorgeous Sydney Spring day. Nineteen members of the family, across four generations, gathered at the pub and made our way to Camp Cove. Annika, my mum’s great granddaughter, read a selection from Sea Fever and I gave a Eulogy. We then scattered some ashes into the sea in biodegradable containers.

Me watching ashes

We then returned to the pub for lunch and memories. My mother’s brothers Ted and Rowley were there. Norma, Ted’s wife. My cousin Moira from the Newcastle Gordons. And then a mass of folks below 70 including my cousin David his wife and boys, Mathew and Henri, their girls, Emma and Chris and their daughter and Joanne. We sat and chatted from noon until 8pm and then went for pizza. 15 of us saw out the evening. It was a wonderful celebration of a life and a gathering of the family on a scale we seldom manage.

And so that we all carry the memory a little longer Sandy and Evan arranged for commemorative book marks


3 responses to “Festival of Mum

  1. I was thinking of you all. I am so glad that the day was celebrated in a truly fitting manner for one of life’s characters!

  2. Sounds like a lovely leave-taking and celebration.

  3. Great E…..lovely to read

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