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US Elections

At 6am here in Singapore on the 5th of November it was 5pm ET on November 4 in the USA. I spent from 6am my time to about 11pm at my temporary election center in my living room:

My election center

I had CNN on the television and MSNBC on the IMac and various blogs and the like on the Airbook. I was to put it midly fixated with the process. In the course of the day there were two thunder storms and when the rain hits my windows directly the place springs a leak; we’re talking tropical downpours here. I had visions of going up in smoke. Fortunately the wind like the US electorate was blowing in the right direction. No jokes intended about weather men.

CNN called the election at about 11am my time. That meant I spent the next 12 hours looking at updates for states like Virginia, Florida and increasingly Indiana and North Carolina. At 11pm I was down to checking on the Senate race in Minnesota. I staggered off to bed eventually because I had to get up at 6am today to do a spot on Channel News Asia’s Primetime Morning.

On the day I found McCain’s concession speech gracious, Obama’s victory speech nicely balanced, and the sight of Jesse Jackson and others crying moving. Overall it was a day to me when America lived up to its promise. Will Obama disappoint people: yes, all Presidents do. Is racism dead in America: no unfortunately. Is the USA a beacon on a hill to the world: well maybe not, but yesterday it shone very brightly.

And now back to grading essays.