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The dB’s were a band I had never heard of until a friend put them on a mixed tape for me (see previous post). I was prowling around the web in my current obsession with the US election and came across a wonderful blog hosted there on the processes of songwriting. The roster on the blog includes Peter Holsapple from the dB’s. In entries from July to October Holsapple takes readers through the process of creating his new song “All Talk.” The pieces come complete with mp3 versions of the song in progress.

Suzanne Vega is another on the blog’s roll of authors. Her latest post is a long piece on her song “Tom’s Diner” and that song’s role in the creation of both mash ups and the mp3 technology. Again the piece is accompanied by mp3 samples of work. My favorite Vega song remains “When Heroes Go Down” from 99.9F; it’s 1.55 minutes of pop insight.

Here is the link to the blog Measure for Measure: http://measureformeasure.blogs.nytimes.com/